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How to pay your higher institution fees directly through Remita


This is a must-read for every Nigerian student in any federal government-owned institution, especially the Jambitos who are just getting into the system. You can thank me later. While I have heard a lot of cases of people being duped of their tuition fees, it didn’t quite strike a chord in me until it happened to my friend recently.
Some individuals posing as admission agents in school took advantage of the fact that she was newbie in school and offered to help her with her registration process including payments.
Without second thought, she fell for the trap and I didn’t even hear anything again from her till she came crying. While I sympathise with her for losing the tuition fees her community contributed, I am shocked that asking for simple information about processes still seem like an impossible task for a lot of people.
Here is what you should know: Following the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) by the Federal Government of Nigeria, everyone paying into a federal government owned establishment, including institutions of higher learning are expected to do so through Remita, an e-payment platform adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria to serve as the sole gateway into the TSA.
It is very important that students are aware that payments that are not made through Remita cannot be accounted for by the Federal Government and therefore could be flagged as diverted funds meant to profit corrupt individuals.
Don’t be fooled, the FG requires no middle-man for transactions into the TSA, including officials in the institutions. All payments should be made personally by payer through Remita using the simple process below:
Generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference)
Irrespective of what you want to do at, you will be required to have your own unique RRR code. Why? This RRR code will help track the transaction, in case anything goes wrong. Also, because Remita is used for various types of payments and collections by private, state and federal institutions, RRR code helps to identify the transaction being made.
How to generate RRR Code:
• Go to
• Click the icon “Pay FGN and State TSA” (If that is what you actually want to do)
• Select “Federal Government of Nigeria” (If the institution is owned by the Federal Government)
o A new tab will open on your screen where you can enter the name of the institution, e.g “University of Ibadan”
• Select purpose of payment, e.g “UI Acceptance Fee”
• Enter amount and required information as displayed
• Click proceed to automatically generate RRR code
• RRR code will be displayed on your screen.
• To pay immediately, on the same page, select your preferred payment method, enter required details and click submit
• Remita accepts payments by Card, Internet Banking or Mobile Wallet
• Remita also generates an e-invoice which is also sent to your email address
• To pay later, using the e-invoice, go to, select the icon ‘Pay a Biller’, select the option ‘Pay E-invoice’’, enter the RRR, fill in the required details and click “Submit”
• You can also use the RRR code to pay at any commercial and microfinance bank nationwide
• Remita issues an e-receipt for every successful transaction.
• After making payment at the bank, you can go back to to print your Remita Payment Receipt.
A number of higher institutions require payers to commence transactions from their website before they are automatically redirected to the Remita website. In many cases however, if you attempt to initiate the process from the Remita website, you are redirected to your school portal. You should nonetheless find out what applies with your school and apply it accordingly.
Remita is a payment gateway, therefore it does not intercept cash flow between payer and biller. If problems arise with transactions, contact your payment provider or the institution being paid. Again, you do not need anyone to help you pay through Remita; anybody, even children in primary schools can use the platform. It is that simple.
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