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reasonable nigerian 30 man achieve every must 10 by things

10 things every reasonable Nigerian man must achieve by 30

                              08-12-2018, 09:32 AM
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In life failing to plan means planning to fail. There are milestones that every reasonable guy must achieve by 10, 20, 30, and 40years of age.

Based on life expectancy rate, by 30 one may have made it to half of his years on Earth. Let’s take a look at what every reasonable Nigerian man must achieve by age 30.

1. Be Matured – Maturity is not an age thing, but if by 30 years, a guy isn’t matured; then he’s on his way to multiple failures on all front.

2. Be in a serious relationship – If not married, then he should be in a serious relationship and getting ready to settle down soon.

3. Be Educated (formal or informal) – He should have attained his first degree or should have graduated as a qualified artisan in his chosen field.

4.Have a Home of his own (rented, bought or built) – We don’t expect that by 30, any guy should be living with his parents and feeding on their pot, he can, however, live in a property built by his father/mother if he has a flat owned by himself alone.

5.Have a paying job or business – He should either have a good paying job, even when it’s below what he thinks he deserves or he should be in business, doing good for himself and family.

6. Be involved in Nigerian politics – Politics in Nigeria has crept into virtually all areas. It is pertinent for a reasonable Nigerian man at 30 to participate and be vested with politically related information.

7. Be responsible and independent – He should be responsible and live a responsible lifestyle. He should take his decisions (with or without advice) – He should be his own oga in that department.

8. Have a set goal – He should by this age, have a set and defined goal, a picture of where he wants to be in the nearest future. Every reasonable Nigerian Man must achieve this by 30.

9.Learn to Drive a car – Even if he doesn’t own a car, every 30 years old should have attained training in driving to a large extent – an opportunity could open up or an emergency that would require him driving a car

10.Have a saving – He should have a saving plan, for the future, his family and a retirement plan. He should be able to save money in the bank and allow it to remain there. Every reasonable Nigerian Man must achieve this by 30.

Thanks for reading; remember to start planning today, every day counts – and if already you’re above 30 years and yet to achieve some of the things highlighted above, start now to aim and work towards achieving them.


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