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4 limits you should know when trying to please a woman

                              08-12-2018, 11:01 AM
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Relationships involve a lot of things but maintaining it has been something hard for some people who have resulted in unorthodox measures to keep it alive.

[Image: 4be0ec81db7caf01b643a4819c28d5ca?source=...ormat=webp]

Some men are doing crazy things in the name of love, which is destroying their lives such as:

1. Commit a crime for herThere are men who cover up for their women in many things. Some women use their men to fight their enemies. Some men have ended up in jail in trying to please their women.

2. Compromise your needs for herEverybody has his needs. However, when you leave your needs unattended to only to attend to those of your women, this will make you stuck in life.

Always attend to your needs before attending to those of another person.

3. Forget your dreamsEverybody has his goals and demands in life. However, some men have left their goals and instead, concentrate on their women’s goals and needs. This has left them without direction in their life. They have become unproductive.

4. Disrespect your familyA lot of men have disrespected their families because of their women. Some even stop talking to their friends, neighbours, and family because their women said so or feel uncomfortable when you do so.

This is a great mistake you can ever make in life. Always keep your family first before anybody else.


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