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Your man loves you, of course. But there are still things that girls do that men hate and which can easily cause them to fall out of love if we keep on doing them. Just like girls, men have a tolerance level that can eventually be broken. If you push them too far, you could well find yourself back on the dating scene. Let’s take a look at 9 things you should not do if you want your man to treasure and respect you.

1. Nagging, Doubting And Questioning Him Too Much
Apparently, it’s only girls that nag. Guys never nag, right? Right! And this is something you need to realise, because guys absolutely dislike it when girls nag them. They hate it when you question them incessantly about their drinking, or why they have to keep watching soccer all the time. They don’t like it when you ask them where they are is going and when they’ll be back. And they really don’t appreciate it when you text them a million times when they’re out with the lads.

Just like you, guys like having their own space and they don’t enjoy it when girls are constantly breathing down their neck. Give him his deserved space and you’ll be fine.

2. Overdoing It With Makeup

He wants to go out for the day with you, not with someone who looks nothing like you. Yes, you might be trying to look nice for both him and yourself, but too much makeup can make yourself look removed from who you actually are. Guys appreciate you making the effort to look nice, but they respect you far more if you apply makeup sensibly and tactfully.

3. Taking FOREVER To Get Ready

“Honey, promise me you’ll be ready by 7 o’ clock this time, okay?”
*rolls eyes*

“Yes, I will be ready by 7 o’ clock this time. What do you take me for? Stop hassling me.”
Of course, seven comes and goes and you’re still not ready by eight o’ clock. We know that it takes us a long time to get ready, but it gets on a guys nerves so much that more than once they’ve probably considered heading out without us. You should really give yourself enough time to get ready, so that you aren’t late, otherwise his patience might eventually fade.

4. Showing Too Much Skin For The Whole World Too See

This one really is about respect and self-respect. If you go out at night baring more skin than is really necessary, he’s going to find it a little hard to respect you. Sure, he loves to see your skin, but he doesn’t want the whole world to see it. Now that you’re a couple, he would rather prefer that you handled yourself with a bit more dignity and class.

5. Being Overly Possessive And Too Jealous

You’ve probably scanned through every single girl on his Facebook already, and you’ve probably already got one or two suspicions. But guys absolutely hate jealousy, particularly if he’s been with you for a long time and rightly believes he has earned your trust. Yes, he will have female friends, but he’s not going to give them all up for you. He loves you, not them, and it’s high time that you stopped questioning him about that night he went out with Henrietta five years ago. “You kissed her, didn’t you? I knew it! I knew it!”

No, you didn’t. And no, he didn’t. So stop it.

6. Not Letting Yourself Enjoy Good Time With Him

You’ve begged and begged your man to let you go out with him and his mates one night, and he’s finally relented. But when you get to the bar, you decide you aren’t drinking. You’re just not in the mood for a drink, and okay if he’s gonna push you, you’ll have some water.
This drives men mad. They want you to enjoy yourself with him and his mates. What they don’t want is them having a few drinks, and you sitting there – totally sober – checking your watch to find out if it’s nearly home time yet. If you go out with him, enjoy yourself a little.

7. Being Too Needy And Too Clingy

Your man wants you to have independence. We live in the 21st century now, and no longer do guys want their woman to be slaving away at home all day with an ironing board. Instead, they want you to get out there and enjoy life. If you’re the kind of girl that has to do everything with him, he’s going to quickly feel stifled.

8. Taking Him Shopping All The Time

Sure he came out shopping with you once or twice when you were dating. But that doesn’t mean he signed a contract that stipulated every time you went shopping from now on he has to go with you.

Guys honestly don’t enjoy shopping all that much, and if you drag him all over the city to every fragrant store, boutique and clothing shop in existence, you’ll literally be killing his spirit. In the future, consider him and his needs, and maybe leave him at home to enjoy his weekend off work. He’ll love you forever.

9. Snapping At Him Like A Drama Queen

Okay, it’s a well-known fact that some guys can get violent. But out of every single guy in the world, only a handful have the kind of temper that has women cowering in the corner. The stark truth is that girls snap at guys much more than guys snap at girls. Often, we don’t know quite why we’re getting so mad at our men, but it’s usually down to them being useless (such as being really bad with directions). Rather than work up a temper and becoming a drama queen, it’s time that we took a relaxed approach to the hapless nature of men and laughed it all off. They’ll thank you for it.

Stay happy!


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