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How Students Can Be Motivated By They Teachers Using Twitter Media.

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Twitter accounts maintained by
teachers can be transformed into a
unique form of a textbook type
and enable students to embrace a
vast, varied .

Teachers can post study material,
extra credit assignments, and even
sample questions to facilitate
further understanding of class
content. The fingertip accessibility
of classroom information is
beneficial to consider success.

For environments that allow or
even encourage touch screen
devices with wireless connections,
Twitter can be used as a live
question and answer platform
during lessons.

Students can tweet
questions instead of raising thei hands and the anonymity this may
motivate a more active learning

Twitter makes it easier than ever
for parents to stay up to date on
what is going on in their
classroom. Where previously adults
had to grudgingly force classroom
topics out of their less than
enthused learners, now parents
can only review teacher’s tweets
to stay up to date on class
schedules and material.

enables smooth engagement with
students and enhanced learning
motivation at home.

Introverted students and more
independent learners can now
forego physical and often
distracting interaction with other
students during group projects by
utilizing features on Twitter.

can tweet ideas to each other and
organize presentations entirely
online, making groups projects
easier than ever before.

Can use Twitter to
encourage students to reach
beyond knowledge in the
classroom and follow relevant
current events including political,
environmental, and scientific news.

They have the option of keeping
these feeds in alignment with
current class material or motivating
students to engage alternate
sources of real-life information

Teachers choosing to engage with
students on a social platform that
they ultimately enjoy in their
personal time creates an incomparable connection between
two formerly separate societal
worlds. Using the Twitter platform
in the classroom encourages
education through socialization and
provides a digital sense of
community that can provide a
source of motivation to an
otherwise uninterested learning

Syncing Schedules
A Twitter Textbook
learning experienced
Live Question And Answer Session
Creative Parental Involvement
Digital Project Engagement
Stepping Outside Of The Box
A Bridge Between Two Worlds

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