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to make crush between move sex your nice way for

Nice way To Make A move For Sex between your crush.

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You see, over time, it has gradually become a tradition that the men must make the first move for the sex.

Also, it has become a due protocol too for the ladies to pretend like they don't want it and make the guys beg like their lives depend on that particular orgasm.

They make you beg for something they enjoy most! Blow are steps on how to turn the table around. (Thank me later) . While on a date, don't talk dirty.

If you must, say them in some responsible ways.

Tell her how you prefer gisting, cooking and cracking jokes to lovemaking.

In fact, tell her that abstinence can give us a HIV free world. Make her zero her mind on your chances of getting laid that night. . When she follows you home, don't rush her or start kissing her up and down.

In fact, behave like sey na you and your guy return. Keep the conversation warm and lively.

Crack a lot of jokes. Bring up religious issues, talk about president Trump and Korean Nuclear weapons.

Talk about Jay Z and Boyonce and, finally, gist her about the boring keeping up with the Kardashians show.

She will get bored and ask you to get her something to change into. . This is a very important point.

You could ruin all the awesome impressions you have already built at this very point. So, don't give her anything skimpy, transparent or tight. In fact, just offer her your jeans, coat/ suit or a very long jalabia. She will quickly reject it and be like "please i want something i can be comfortable in."

Dang! Oya, you have passed! Just give her your singlet only! She will not reject that second offer. Congrats, your ministry has just moved. . Show her the bathroom, pick a pillow and a blanket, tell her " Goodnight" and make for the living room. She will revolt.

But act like you mean it. Tell her that you don't want to inconvenience her. Then she will be like " aah.. Did i complain?" Then she will throw a joke like " We'll sleep together on the bed, don't worry much, i won't get you pregnant." (bros mi, e don work ooh..) . As you lay down, just face the wall and sleep.

Whether sleepy or not, just sleep, fam.

She will eventually off the lights and join you in bed, she will face the other side, but trust me, nobody will sleep! Stay calm like the troubled waters after taking orders from Jesus. You just have to be strong and hang in there.

At this point, she must be very worried. So many questions would be running through her mind " Could it be that i'm not attractive enough or is he gay?" She must want to confirm.

So, she will start with her leg. . She would let your legs meet. Fam, allow it. She would then draw closer - still backing you tho - but her ass would now be scrubbing your back. Ignore it too Nwanne , fam... In fact, act like sey you dey snore small small.

To confirm if you are totally asleep or just ignoring her, she would stretch her right arm and let it rest on your chest. This time, hold that hand and rub her palm reluctantly. But then, its your turn to make a friendly move! .

Turn around -facing her backside, allow your groin and your crotch to meet her ass so she can feel your phallus, let your head be at equal positions, move your mouth close to her neck, keep it there and let her ears feel your warm breath.

Don't make another move, fam. You have already given her tornado, hurricane and tsunami. Yes,
Tsunami... Because her undies must have been flooded. She would turn gentle.

She would kiss you deeply.

Kiss her back, fam... Squeeze her breasts, suck her nipples, send your fingers here and there.. And then, she would kiss your ear and whisper to you " Do you have any condom here?" Congrats, fam.. She will never say " After using me" to you... In fact, call her two weeks later and tell her that you can't find your period. Nonsense!
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