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india in lady with private cocain caught her on nigeria part

Nigeria Lady Caught With Cocain On her Private Part In India.

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A Nigerian woman has been nabbed
with some cocaine hidden right inside
her private parts in far away India.

[Image: ble.JPG]
David Blessing

A Nigerian woman, who has been
idengified as David Blessing, has been
arrested in India, News18 reports.

The woman who concealed LSD blots
and cocaine in her private parts, was
arrested by the Kolkata unit of the
Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on
Monday evening.

David Blessing, a 30-year-old lady, was
intercepted the moment she landed in
Kolkata from Mumbai at Netaji Subhash
Chandra Bose International Airport at
around 9.20 PM.

Speaking to News18, NCB Kolkata Zonal
Head Dilip Kumar Srivastava said, “We
had prior information about the lady
and accordingly planned our arrest

Last night our officers got
a lead that she was arriving from
Mumbai-Kolkata Jet Airways flight. We
rushed there and intercepted her.”

“During the search, our lady officers
found only 20 LSD blots from her bag.

But later she took out 12 grams of
Cocaine from her private parts. She
was having pain in her lower abdomen
and revealed that more contraband
substances were concealed inside her

We immediately rushed her to
a nearby hospital where her trans-
vaginal USG report confirmed our

Preliminary investigations revealed
that Blessing was staying in Mumbai
for the last two years on business visa
and the consignment seized from her
possession was meant for a person in

“We have a few more leads and we
will interrogate her once she will be
released from the hospital. It seems
that she is a part of international drug
racket,” Srivastava said.
Of late, Kolkata seems to have become
a major hub/corridor for banned
drugs with over 60 arrests made this
year itself.

A large quantity of banned
drugs has also been seized and

Recently, five Chinese national were
arrested from Kolkata station for
carrying 200 kilos of
‘Amphetamine’, popularly known
as the ‘dead drug’, worth Rs 40

This was for the first time when
Chinese nationals were arrested in
Kolkata with such a large quantity
banned drugs.

On April 17, son of a well-known
restaurateur and celebrity chef, along
with a son of a Kolkata-based
industrialist, was arrested in
connection with international drug
racket by the Kolkata NCB.

A large quantity of psychotropic
substances, including Ecstacy, LSD
blots and Psilocybin mushroom also
known as ‘magic mushrooms’,
were seized from their possession.
That was the first time that ‘magic
mushrooms’, usually available in
Mexico, South America, Malaysia,
Indonesia and Australia, were seized
from Kolkata.

“Our major concern is that the
youths and school students are fast
getting addicted to these substances
in the city and we have to stop this,”
Srivastava said.


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